The Importance of Website Migration

Website migration to a new server or agency is a common and sometimes necessary change. While upgrading the design, domain, hosting, and other main features of your website can be a smart move, it’s important to know about the possible complications before proceeding.

Sometimes big website changes can severely impact your search engine rankings for the worse. We can migrate a domain to another hosting or copy a domain’s content to another domain without any data or SEO ranking lose because we have been providing this service for years!

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Step 1 – An Admin Username & Password for Your Source Website

You will create an administrator account for your website and share its username and password with us. We need this information to be able to access your WordPress website’s backend and create your website backup.

Step 2 – DNS or NS Change

You should change your domain’s DNS or Name Server (NS) records for your new hosting after we completed your backup. 

Step 3 – Your Cpanel’s Username & Password 

We need your Cpanel informations to migrate your website backup files to your new target hosting. We will install a brand new WordPress website to your target domain and migrate your website from the backup we created before on Step 1.

Website Migration Service Price

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WordPress website migration service price is just $49!

You can make your payment with your desired credit card on our 100% Secure payment page.

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