What Is Service Page?

Trust is a bigger part of selling services. A faulty product can be returned, and flaws are relatively objective. But with services, customers may worry about what recourse they will have if they’re unhappy, even if you offer excellent customer service guarantees.

While the benefits to the consumer should be the focus when you sell both products and services, your qualifications and experience come to the forefront when you’re promoting a service. Service providers span a huuuuuge range of industries—from termite inspectors to business consultants to massage therapists.

Service Page Design

Many service providers work with people’s homes, businesses, and even their bodies, so the impacts can be more personal if things don’t go well. Because consumers are often more cautious, it’s important to demonstrate that they can trust your work, and trust you to make things right if they aren’t happy.

An Overview of A Service Page

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Service pages are for letting people know how to obtain or use a service our departments and agencies provide.

These pages should be clear and complete to make sure people are prepared before calling in, filling out an application, and/or coming in to an office.

Every service page will automatically be listed in the services section of the website under our topics and audience sections.

Service Page Elements

A service page should have the following informations