What Is Contact Page?

A contact section or page is critical to the success of your website. Why? Simply because visitors – be it your current or potential clients – will more than likely want to contact you at some point. And when they do, you better make it a positive experience for them.

Even though your interaction is probably going to be mediated, it is important to make your visitors feel welcome, understood, and appreciated.

Contact Page Design

When visitors decide to contact you, they are willing to engage – not only with your site, but with you as a company and as a person. This means they care. Be it because they have a question, complaint, or maybe even a compliment for you. They are willing to invest time and thought into establishing a relationship with you.

A Good Contact Page

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Basically, a good contact page makes it easy and convenient for visitors to contact those behind the website. Depending on the website, visitors can be very diverse groups and the ‘people behind the website’ could be one person or multiple support teams.

This already indicates that there is no one single template to a good contact page. Sometimes, it doesn’t even require an entire page. As long as visitors find your contact section, if they understand how to use it, and if they feel welcome and appreciated, it can be considered a successful contact page.

How Should Be A Contact Page?

A contact page should have the following criterias