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What is SEO – Hello everyone! Today we’re talking about “What is SEO?” As you know, I wrote my last article for you in February 2018. And I’m back here with an important subject, it’s “SEO”. I’ve been thinking of writing it for a long time but I couldn’t do it until today just because I scarcely had time to breathe due to business. However, finally, I’m here and ready to share my knowledge with you!

First of all, these series are appropriate for basic level users, not professionals. On the other side, the information that I’ll share with you is based on my experiences acquired in websites that I designed for my clients for many years.

If you ask yourself any question here below, this series will undoubtedly help you!

  1. “What is exactly SEO, I want to learn it!”
  2. “I have a website. But I don’t know exactly where to start and how to share my articles or my products in compliance with SEO criteria.”
  3. “I need SEO but don’t want to spend a penny for it just because I’m smart to learn it. This is my business and I must do it. “(I can see $ in your eyes 🙂
  4. “I’m not relevant, but I heard my friends talking to each other about it.” “I’m a little curious about these things.” “Can I learn it really?” 

Yes, you can do it and you are right place. So, we need to begin by asking the right question: What is SEO? Are you ready? Here we go!

What is SEO, What Does SEO Do?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine OptimizationThe search engine is a service provided by Google.com, Yandex.com, or others that show us the content on the internet based on our searches when we want to search for something on the internet.

What is SEO’s purpose, why SEO is done?

SEO has only one purpose. We can say that it is to perform some works to get people to access you, your website, or a specific product that you are selling.

Suppose you have a shop. But no customers are coming. You don’t have a signboard. You’ve been waiting for days, but no selling. There’s no income coming in, but your shop has fixed expenses. You wouldn’t bear it for a long time, would you? You have to make it easy for people to find you, right? Without a signboard, it won’t be easy for them to notice you. You must do your part first, the customer will choose whether or not to come.

It’s like a shop without a website signboard made without SEO criteria. But they come to ask for an address, and on that occasion, they say they have a minute here. You shouldn’t leave your business to chance, right? 

The implementation of SEO is generally of two kinds.

1- On-site SEO

If all the work done for SEO is carried out on your website, this type of SEO is called an on-site SEO application.

2- Off-site SEO

This type of SEO is called off-site SEO if all the work done for SEO is carried out outside of your website, on other platforms or websites. That means links to your website in posts, comments shared on other sites (backlinks), sharing content about you on social media to get people to go to your website, etc.

SEO, keywords and facts

The first goal of anyone who wants to make SEO or own a website is to get on the first page on Google in a particular keyword.

So what is a keyword?

If I want someone to find me when they search for Web design on Google, Web Design is my keyword. In other words, my keyword is Web Design.

I’m living in Gebze, Kocaeli. It was September 2015 when I decided to start these jobs professionally.  I found out that a businessman, a friend’s father of my brother, had a crane rental business in my neighborhood and he wanted to open a web site. They recommended me. We met to talk about business. He said that his education was limited to elementary school, but said “if we want to do business, we should be in the black box (computer)”, and he added, “want to be on the first page when people search the Crane on the internet.

I told the client it isn’t possible. “how so?” asked he. If what he said was so easy, I would work to get out of the first result when I wrote Web Design myself, I would not go to the customer, I said the customer would come to me. I would like you to review the following image for a better understanding of this topic. As of now, I went into Google and did a search with our keyword Crane. The following is the result.


search results for crane

As can be seen in the above image, we have now encountered 333 million results. Imagine how many crane companies there were up to that moment on the internet and had a website. There are only 50 of them in my municipality. Imagine how many in Turkey. Now, this guy says, “Build me a website and I’ll come when people write crane“.

When you do a search on Google, it shows 10 Results per page (excluding content that is an ad). Being in the top 20 is often enough. But to want to be on the first page in Google search results in a single word is a dream. There is necessarily an SEO expert who can do this, but this number does not exceed 10 fingers of two hands and these people do this work about 75.000$/150.000$.

With that in mind, I advised the client the following: Limited to the search area. I mean, let’s just say that when a guy in Hakkari wrote a crane, you got out. Should you go to Hakkari for this? Of course not! It’s nonsense just because you make your business in Kocaeli and neighboring cities and your website needs to reach the people living whereof. So, his keyword should be Gebze Crane or Gebze rental Crane… 


If your pages, articles, or products on your website are shared according to SEO criteria, you can see that people are starting to reach you from the search results in the progress of time at no cost. SEO is like fishing. You’ll have to select the right hook and wait patiently.

If your pages, articles, or products on your website are not shared according to SEO criteria, it will be impossible for people to reach you, in other words, you would be unsuccessful. If you need to use needle number 2 to catch a carp and you’ve got number 4, that carp will never come. I’m asking you to use the right hook.

In our second article, we will look at the technical terms we need to know for SEO. I guess this series will consist of a total of 4 articles. Don’t miss your valuable comments.

Fatih Özün

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